Labour’s Councillors – standing up for Willesden Green

Labour’s Councillors – standing up for Willesden Green

Elliot Chappell, Fleur Donnely Jackson and Tom Miller – Labour’s Councillors for Willesden Green have been working to improve the ward

Our priorities for 2019 are to work with the local community to improve local streets by tackling rubbish dumping and Anti Social Behaviour. We have supported bids for funding to improve the underpass at Chapter Road and for the Willesden Green Residents Association.

We have also being working closely with the Willesden Green Town Centre Manager and Neighbourhood Manager to raise residents concerns with them. We are encouraging regeneration and repairs for a higher quality high street, working with the council to help make this a reality.

We have supported the step free Willesden Green campaign, which resulted in a local petition being submitted to  Transport for London, to lobby for funds to give Willesden Green Station step free access. We’ll be continuing to campaign to make the station step free and welcome your support, please get in touch with us if you would like to get involved.

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