Labour’s Councillors for Sudbury – working hard to deliver for the ward

Labour’s Councillors for Sudbury – working hard to deliver for the ward

Saqib Butt, Mary Daly and Thomas Stephens – Labour’s Councillors delivering for residents around Sudbury

In the May 2018 local elections, Sudbury elected three Labour Councillors – Cllr Mary Daly, Cllr Saqib Butt and Cllr Thomas Stephens – on a record turnout and vote share. Since then, Sudbury’s Labour Councillors have been hard at work delivering on their “five pledges” to you, our local residents:

  1. Bringing police and the Council  together to tackle any crime and anti-social behaviour issues you have;
  2. Working hard to clean our streets and report fly tips;
  3. Standing up for Sudbury’s community groups in Brent Council, working to give you a stronger voice in the borough;
  4. Protecting and enhancing Sudbury’s green spaces, including by supporting community bids for gardening and beautification of our areas;
  5. Doubling down on efforts to clear up potholes and improve our roads;

Since the election, Sudbury Councillors have been hard at work delivering on these pledges. We’ve carried out police walkabouts and attended meetings to discuss crime in several parts of the ward – including District & Central Road, Rokesby Place, Gauntlett Court and the Banks – and helped to set up WhatsApp groups with the police and residents.

In addition, we’ve reported hundreds of fly tips and road disrepair issues, and participated in numerous community clean-up initiatives. We’ve also submitted several bids to enhance green spaces in Sudbury, including in Farm Avenue, and supported gardening initiatives and pot planting along Harrow Road in central Sudbury. We’ve also got the Council to carry out several investigations into speeding on roads in Sudbury – including around Central Road; in Fernbank and Rosebank Avenue; and along Repton Avenue, Eton Avenue and Rugby Avenue.

This is only the start and we want to strengthen links with community groups, continue engaging with residents about issues that matter to you, and working hard to reach out to the most vulnerable residents in our area. To help keep you all up-to-date, we’ve set up a website dedicated to all things related to Sudbury –

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