Tackling Brent’s housing crisis

Housing is amongst this city’s greatest social and economic challenges. There are no quick fixes, no silver bullets, no easy options.

But there is an unquestionable need and determination to make things right. We’ve certainly come a long way here in Brent. We’ve helped build 11,000 new homes, 4,000 of which at affordable levels.

We’ve brought council housing services back in-house. We’ve started work on regulating this borough’s substantial private rental market. And we’re tackling homelessness by growing Invest4Brent, an ethically managed, council-owned private rental service.

But there is obviously much more to do if we are to make housing universally affordable, readily available, and of the highest possible standards. Building on our proud record, Brent Labour will:

  • Continue to press government on giving us the powers we need to roll out landlord licensing across the borough
  • Intervene earlier when residents are at risk of homelessness, giving them the best possible chance of getting back on their feet
  • Commit to helping every resident who loses their home find another they can afford
  • Work with other London boroughs to provide guaranteed emergency shelter to anyone forced to sleep rough
  • Grow Invest4Brent, changing the nature of the rental market from the inside, making this a fairer, more affordable, and decent place to live
  • Work with our partners in health, education, police and fire, to develop a new generation of Key Worker housing
  • Establish a range of ethical housing services, including low cost, tenant and property management, and, for leaseholders, a collective enfranchisement agency
  • Pressure government to properly fund and support essential fire safety works in Brent’s tower blocks
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