Social care

With government showing no sign of properly investing in this country’s adult social care system, more and more of our older residents are looking to us for help.

Far too many are having to cope with an uncertain future and are understandably worried about becoming dependent on inadequate or expensive care and support.

Here in Brent we’re providing as much certainty as is possible.

We’ve introduced high quality, affordable services that mean those who need help can get it without compromising on their independence and without being robbed of either their savings or their dignity.

Brent Labour will carry on this good work and will:

  • Increase pressure on government, renewing our campaign for an urgent, nationwide solution to the UK’s adult social care crisis
  • Help every older person in the borough to stay active and engaged for as long as possible
  • Protect and expand the housing and care services that have helped so many of our elderly residents carry on enjoying all the benefits of independent living
  • Work with other care providers to ensure that the services on which many of our residents rely are decent and properly sustainable
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