Education is the most valuable investment we can make. Here in Brent, we can be very proud and should celebrate the inspirational teaching and leadership in our schools.

We are working to ensure our children and young people have everything they need to thrive.

That means continuing to protect the help and support that many families rely on in their early years, making sure every child is ready and able to start school on the right foot.

It means helping to recruit and retain the highest caliber teachers, guiding students toward the best possible qualifications.

We will continue to campaign for a properly funded education service, and we’ll also help our schools make the most of what they’ve already got, raising cash to upgrade facilities, making them available for public use.

Pupils will then get to enjoy things like new sports pitches, and schools will have a much-needed and independent source of income.

To achieve all this and more, Brent Labour will:

  • Help teachers make this borough their home with a new approach to key worker housing
  • Oppose forced academisation and free schools
  • Run a coordinated campaign against government’s inadequate education funding
  • Work towards comprehensive school-based support for Brent’s young people, ensuring the best possible standards of mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Open up our schools, turning them into the heart of the community, helping generate much needed income
  • Continue to invest in the services that most benefit children and families in their early years
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